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Please note that all of the documents available for download from this website were accurate at the time of going to print. However, in pursuit of continuous improvement, certain information in the documents may be superseded by developments relating to product changes, or even operational requirements. In particular, the oil specifications for use in some of our gearboxes may have changed.

Sliding Gate Motors

A10 Brochure D2 Turbo Brochure D5 Evo Brochure D10 & D10 Turbo Brochure DC Convertor Brochure

A10 Brochure

D2 Turbo Brochure

D5 Evo Brochure

D10 / 10 Turbo Brochure

DC Convertor Brochure

Swing Gate Motors

GSM Devices

Traffic Barriers

 VECTOR2 Brochure  G-Switch-22 Brochure G-Switch-22 Brochure SECTOR Brochure  TRAPEX Brochure

VECTOR2 Brochure

G-Switch 22 Brochure 

MyGSM Brochure 

SECTOR Brochure

TRAPEX Brochure

Keypad Access Control

Proximity Access Control

Intercom Systems

Roller Shutter Doors

Inductive Loop Detectors

 SMARTGUARD & SMARTGUARDair Brochure Lattice Brochure  POLOphone Brochure RSO Brochure FLUX Brochure


Lattice Brochure


RSO Brochure

FLUX Brochure

Remote Controls & Receivers

Infrared Gate Safety Beams

Inductive Loop Detectors

 NOVA Brochure  i5 Brochure PHOTON Brochure

 NOVA Brochure

 i5 Brochure

PHOTON Brochure