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SupaNOVA (Code Hopping / Multi User)

SupaNOVA (Code Hopping / Multi User)

The SupaNOVA is a versatile remote control receiver compatible with the NOVA code-hopping range ofremote controls. It is the perfect tool for multi-user applications such as access points to housing estates, offices parks and industrial complexes by allowing quick and easy management of the remotes operating the system.

This receiver allows up to 1000 separate remote buttons to be learned in to the system. Maintaining a clean data base of memorised remote controls is easy with SupaNOVA’s ability to selectively delete individual buttons or complete remotes.

SupaNOVA even allows mapping of any button on a transmitter, to any of the three channels that come standard with the receiver. This caters for those of us who want our own specific sequence of buttons to, for example, first open the gate, then the garage door and then the alarm system.

The convenient memory module can be used to backup and restore large sites in seconds ensuring that your data is safe and maintaining your database is easy.

The SupaNOVA remote control receiver system is made up of multiple components. There is the radio receiver module housed in a weatherproof enclusore for external mounting, ensuring optimum reception. The programming console is also supplied in a weatherproof enclosure, designed to be mounted in a secure and convenient position. Also included in the kit is a single plug-in backup memory module.

Main features

  • Selectively add and delete users
  • Self-learning of transmitters
  • 1000 user groups available
  • Three channel output for greater functionality
  • Programming module separate from receiver
  • Mount console in secure and convenient location
  • Mount receiver in elevated position for optimum range
  • Back-up memory module
  • SmartSwitch for tamper proof outputs (optional)
  • Three digit LED display for easy programming and diagnostics