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MyGSM Wall Kit

MyGSM Wall Kit

The recipe for a perfect, all-in-one GSM monitoring and switching system: take 1 x MyGSM Wall Kit, add 1 x battery, mount and enjoy! That’s literally how easy it is to obtain a powerful and comprehensive GSM-based system with the MyGSM Wall Kit. Virtually everything you need is already included in the kit, including:.

  •  A tough, UV-resistant, fade-resistant wall box constructed from durable ABS plastic boasting anIP65 protection rating
  • CENTURION MyGSM 2I2O GSM monitoring and switching device with two inputs and two outputs
  • mains isolator
  • Sturdy mounting plate which includes mounting holes for relay cards and switchgear and can also accomodate the larger, eight input, eight output unit
  • A CP84SM2A 2A switch-mode power supply
  • 500mm length of mains cable and a three-point plug
  • Cable gland

You need simply add a battery (for which provision has also been made in the enclosure) and enjoy the benefits of a system that allows you to monitor and control up to two electrical devices from anywhere in the world – all housed within a neat, weatherproof enclosure.

Main features

  • The world at your fingertips
    Here’s a neat trick: press the call button on your phone and watch the world transform into a fully automated future-scape over which you have total control. If you have the MyGSM 2O2I installed, that is! Dual outputs allow you to control two different electrical devices, and you’ll receive SMS notifications right to your phone whenever either or both of the twin inputs are triggered.
  • All-in-one functionality
    Your entire site management infrastructure in one central, convenient location – that’s what theMyGSM Wall Kit gives you. Everything you need to get a GSM system up and running is included in this kit. Just add a battery!Use your MyGSM Wall Kit to:

    • Switch an irrigation system on and off
    • Activate a borehole pump
    • Open and close an automated gate
    • Receive notifications on your phone when the mains fail, or the fluid level in a diesel generator or reservoir reaches a certain level
    • Get sent alerts when an alarm is triggered
  • Perfect for outdoor use
    The wall box is IP65 rated – meaning that it’s protected against dust ingress and low-pressure water jets from all directions – and is made from UV-resistant, fade-resistant ABS plastic so you can be sure it’ll keep its good looks for years to come!
  • Fully customisable
    Versatility and flexibility 
    are at the very heart of GSM technology, and that’s why the MyGSM Wall Kitgives you the freedom to customise the system to best suit your unique requirements. The mounting bracket provides mounting holes that can be used to fit additional switchgear such as relay cards, and can also accommodate the larger MyGSM 8I8O eight input, eight output module.
  • Easy to install
    The MyGSM Wall Kit is an absolute cinch to mount against a wall or structure, and slotted, diagonal mounting holes add excellent mounting flexibility. Add to that five knock-outs for easy, multiple cable entry and what you’ve got is no frills, no fuss commissioning of your GSM system.
  • Safety first
    Here at CENTURION, we never sacrifice safety for convenience – we’d rather give you both! The Wall Kit includes a built-in mains isolator (conforms with legal requirements), an easily accessible earth point and an integral gas breathing point which allows any potential build-up of gas to escape whilst still preventing the ingress of dust, water and ants.
  • Easy online administration
    Using the web portal, you can assign as many modules as you want to a user profile, selectively add and delete users, configure inputs and outputs, view transaction logs and even set time-based activations.

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